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Enable Viva Topics — 09/02/2023

Enable Viva Topics

Reading Time: 10 minutes

This is the first in a series of blogs on how to enable the different modules of Microsoft Viva. So, this article I want to do a bit more of a deep dive into Viva Topics and how you can actually enable or switch on Viva Topics. Let’s look into the background of what Viva Topics is, how to enable it from a tech perspective, the people you need to make the most out of it, the governance and security required around it and then a brief summary.

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Microsoft Viva Learning Demo — 31/05/2022
Employee Onboarding with Microsoft Viva — 25/05/2022

Employee Onboarding with Microsoft Viva

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Something I have seen many businesses struggle with is a solid employee onboarding experience. It’s something that is so important but also can be tricky to get right. I have personally built an employee onboarding experience and it involved having the entire process mapped out within our PSA tool (or other project tool) right from the point of advertising a new role, through to the interview stages, contracts, equipment purchasing and building.

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