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If you use Viva Insights with any regularity you will probably have come accross the relatively new feature within it called the “Inspiration Library”. This is a handy little feature that’s currently rolling out in preview mode. Much like a famous fence coating company the inspiration library does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s used to give you inspiration and ideas on how to better serve your employees and company or you as an individual.

Viva Insights can seem a little overwhelming when you look at all the data within it, from all levels starting at the peronsal insights to the management insights to the overall leadership insights. There are so many areas and so much data within them that it can be hard to know where to start.

Right within the Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams you’ll see the inspiration library.

Top right to access the inspiraiton library

It contains a bunch of articles on a variety of topics, from wellbeing, culture, impact and resilience. It’s designed to inspire you to get the most out of life and work.

Split into handy categories

You can expand each category to view more with the little drop down on the right hand side.

Expand the view more button for more info

As with most things viva you don’t even have to leave the Teams app to view most of these articles and it works on laptops, mobile devices and tablets etc. It displays the articles you have not read yet at the top of the page so you are presented with fresh content from the start. Once you open the articles you can then give feedback on them using the thumbs up or down logos.

Provide feedback on the articles

There is already over 60 articles within the inspiraiton library from sources like Harvard Business Review, Thrive and Microsoft themselves. I think this is a great little addition to the Viva Insights experience and puts some really great articles right at your fingertips within the Microsoft Viva Platform.

So, if you are looking for some inspiraiton head over to the Viva Insights Inspiraiton library and get digesting some of the informaiton within it. I’d love to know what your favourite article is.